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In english this year.

This year I’m gonna try to work as I possibly can in english. Tomorrow I go to Switzerland and after 3 gigs there I’m gonna finish my tour of Sweden and do 8 episodes of my own tv show for swedish tv but I will also visit London, Helsinki, Estonia and Belgium this spring to do gigs in english. I will try to add some UK dates over the summer and come august I will do my 2nd Edinburgh Fringe. More info about that later.

2nd half of the year I’m going back to the lovely Glee Club to do gigs in Cardiff and Birmingham and I’ll try to add as much other gigs in english as I possibly can. There are of course always loose plans of going back to the US and or Canada but nothing is definite yet. Trying my best to make it happen!

Anyway, looking forward to a year with lots of gigs in english. All new dates will be added to the calendar as soon as they’re set. I’m also gonna try to get some clips up as the stuff posted now is getting a bit old.

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  1. Mick Taylor says:

    Its also worth mentioning that Magnus will be performing 4 solo one hour special shows between the 30th May – 2nd June in London’s prestigious number one comedy Theatre in Soho which details will follow, keep an eye out on http://www.sohotheatre.com

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